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An introduction

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Below are sermons, songs and testimonies that may be of benefit to you.



David Wilkerson A Call to Anguish extended

David Wilkerson on the anguish and conviction over sin.

David Wilkerson The Cost of Anointing

David Wilkerson on the cost of the anointing to follow Jesus

Leonard Ravenhill Anointing

Leonard Ravenhill – Do you need a fresh anointing?

Prayerful Men – Leonard Ravenhill

We can learn a lot from the testimonies of prayerful men.

AW Tozer The Deeper Life

AW Tozer discusses the deeper life.

Samuel Chadwick The Path to Prayer

Samuel Chadwick wrote several books. This is one of his books on prayer.


Jeff Allen – Bananas “My testimony”

The testimony of Jeff Allen


All credit goes to the artists who made these songs. We hope they bless you. Please consider supporting the artists.

God Walks the Dark Hills – Iris Dement

Iris Dement – God Walks the Dark Hills

Because He Lives – Gaither Vocal Band

Because He Lives – The Gaither Vocal Band

Victory in Jesus with lyrics

Classic country sound of Victory in Jesus

Keith Green – Make My Life a Prayer to You

Keith Green – Make My Life a Prayer to You

Chuck Girard – Sometimes Alleluia

Chuck Girard – Sometimes Aleluja

Petra Back to the Rock Live

Petra – Greg Volz returns with Bob Hartman, Mark Kelly, Louie Weaver, and John Lawry.

We hope this page blesses you and encourages you in your faith. As you can see, we don’t subscribe to just one type of music. All praise goes to God and all styles can praise him, too.

Articles to read

Hurt and Bitterness – Winkie Pratney

This article is important to anyone in ministry. The importance of reciprocal relationships. If you want to help others, you can burn out if you begin to feel like there is no return. You may not get return from the people you help, but you must get it somewhere. This is part of the reason it is important to work as a team. The church family is supposed to be your support. You may go out and counsel and feed the hurting and lost, but the hurting and lost may be incapable of meeting your needs in response. This is not a judgment against them, but make sure if you are feeding others that you yourself are also fed.

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