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People are not going to church

Christians are leaving the church and they are not supporting the traditional Sunday meetings.

Everyone is busier because life has gotten more complicated with deadlines, therefore there is less time for traditions.

We can debate how this is bad for society as a whole all we want. The traditional churches complain and speak of falling away, lack of commitment, and point fingers at society, and they call on people to remember and follow their First Love, but in the end, we must adapt to how people worship here and now.

People DO worship. It’s a part of our being. We have to make time for worship. We have to make time for obedience to our faith.

We are the church

Humans in general are not beating down the doors to get into a church building anymore. It seems like society has moved beyond that. We can’t remake society, however, we can join people and fellowship with them where they are. We can have lunch together, pray together, and encourage each other together. We can stand with each other and build a body of believers that exists everywhere that people gather together.

The message of the church is that Jesus Christ is alive

Christianity shouldn’t be locked up in a building. Our message should be spread far and wide, in the country and in the marketplace. Christians need fellowship and encouragement wherever they are. Christianity is, above all, the good news that Jesus Christ is alive.

That Jesus is alive should be the central message of any believer or church.

Our focus

Our focus is on discipleship. We help people learn to walk with Christ and follow Him. You don’t have to do what we say to be a Christian, but you do have to do what God tells you. Reading the Scriptures and being disciplined is part of the walk of faith

Because of the challenges of traditional services, I am looking at ways to use the internet to reach out to Christians. I’m also looking at ways to make this fellowship even more interactive.

About me personally

I’m Kenneth Wilkinson and I pastor the church. If you need counseling or direction, feel free to contact me.

If you wish to donate to support this ministry you can do that here.

I am open for services of any kind at any church.  I’ll try to put some links to music and maybe a couple of sermons or snippets of sermons in the future.

Here’s a link to some audio sermons.

Specific to this ministry

We are an interdenominational body or ministry, in other words we are willing to work with or exclusive of any denominational body. We want to build a stronger faith based community.

In addition, we try to provide a proper understanding of what it means to be a Christian and be good examples of the Christian faith.