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These audio sermons on this page were all recorded in church services. 

Methods of study

The method was to open the Bible and examine the text with cross-references and contextual statements to help make understanding easier.  “Scripture interprets Scripture” is the most logical approach I can think of.

Most studies are a chapter study using devotional questions, but not always.  Some are word studies, and to a lesser degree some are thematic studies.    Topical studies and chapter analysis also come into play.  

This is based on the idea that when we hear a word from God, we check it against Scripture for authenticity.  God will not lie.  Therefore, if it goes against the Word of God it is an error.  Scripture interpreting Scripture works the same way.

Avoiding misinterpretation



The image above is an example.  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.  Paul is not saying that we can do anything because we are Christians, he is saying God provides strength to endure our problems.  (Click the text of the Scripture to read more.  It will open a new page.)


Accuracy in understanding is important, and that is the basis of these sermons.  They are a study of the text linked rather than a three point sermon on an idea or theme.

Audio issues

Sometimes the audio isn’t clear – I think it’s mostly decipherable, but it is one of those things where room acoustics and audience interaction can disrupt or play a part in how things are heard. Live events are often distorted. Apologies for this.

The sermons can be found on this page or at this link.

The sermons

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We hope these audio sermons help you and are of benefit to you.

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