Jesus was a revolutionary

Jesus really was revolutionary.   Some say he was an outlaw, that he was crucified for trying to change the moral code.

Others say he didn’t go far enough.  They wanted revolution now, and he wasn’t zealous enough to overthrow the Romans or the church leaders of his day.  This is one of the reasons scholars say Judas betrayed him.

Most religions say Jesus was a wise man or a prophet

Islam and Judaism say Jesus was a prophet.  Buddhists and Hindus also think of him as wise. To know who Jesus really is we have to look at Scripture.  He said, “I and the Father are one.”  He also said that he was the only way into Heaven, and that if we know him, then we know God. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God.

Interestingly, for the times he lived in, he did offer a few new concepts to religion. 

The first thing that was different, he called God “father.”  Nobody did that before Jesus. 

The second thing he changed, he introduced the new concept of communion.  It sounds almost cannibalistic, but he said “eat of my body and drink of my blood.”  That refers to the sacrifice of his life.  Communion is also called “the Lord’s supper” which we do in churches from time to time, with a piece of bread and juice (or wine).

The third thing that is often missed was something that John refers to as “the Lord’s day.” (Revelation 1:10.)  It was the day that Jesus rose again, which was a Sunday.  There’s a lot of talk about holy days, and which day is holy.  The Jews worship on Saturday.  The Muslims on Friday.  For the Christians, we are holy because Jesus is holy – if we are holy because Jesus is holy then it follows that all days are holy for us.  There is no day when we cannot enter into his presence.

The biggest thing Jesus did

Jesus made atonement on the cross dying for us.  He became sin for us. However, that is not the end of the story.

He also rose again, and was seen by over 500 believers as recorded in Scripture,  and then he went up to Heaven to be with his Father.  Many people say Jesus died to make bad men good, but the truth is, Jesus died to make dead men live.

That is truly revolutionary.

Christians believe we can know him today as well.  We love him who we have not seen.   Christianity is more than just rituals and going to church.  It is loving Jesus and being like him.

You can talk to Jesus now if you wish.  Do it like you are talking to anyone else.  “Hey Jesus, I want to know who you are. Reveal yourself to me.  Help me to understand.”

If you prayed that prayer, you can click here and let us know.  We will get in contact with you and try to answer any questions you might have.

Jesus was a revolutionary!

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